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Word-of-mouth has always mattered to small businesses. But with todays many options, online surveys, comment cards, social media survey and personal phone calls, it is so easy for customers to share their “honest” feedback. But be prepared because when you ask for honest feedback - you can expect kind words as well as harsh Criticism, Constructive Criticism, Destructive Criticism and Compliments.






Criticism is imparting knowledge for practical purposes and not for the purpose of making someone feel down or inadequate.


Constructive Criticism, is really a type of critique that should be able to help you improve as well as motivate you to where those same mistakes will not happen again.


Destructive Criticism can pull at your very core, destroy your confidence, undermine your very being and is usually delivered with not a thought or care as to how it is received.


Compliments are polite expressions that comes across as a praise, approval and/or admiration.

Looking at all these styles of feedback in most cases, it is human nature to become defensive. But to get the most from customer feedback, sometimes we may need to take the opposite approach.


1. Don’t take it personal - after all you asked for honest opinions.

2. Listen and dissect the feedback

3. Acknowledge the issue

4. Offer a solution, plan a plan and execute the plan.


Regardless of the feedback, take it to better ourself as well as our business. Collecting customer feedback shows you value their opinion and you wish to communicate with them on any level.


All businesses strive to be the best of the best, set themselves above others, to find those great employees, and serve with integrity. So by asking our customers to express THEIR VOICE, we are allowing customers to help shape and mold this business.

So if you “go there ”, asking for customer feedback, be prepared to rejoice, respond as well as consider making those hard decision or make those changes that need to be made to make your business “the best of the best”.  We are striving to do just that at Rheaco Service, Inc.  We appreciate all our customers !!!


We want to hear YOUR voice !!

Have a blessed day







We appreciate our long and positive relationship with the Rheaco Team of professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff and look foward to…”  -Don Hamachek

Appreciated Rheaco, so very much, thoroughness and conscientiousness of the tech that you sent out.  -Lauren D. Young

The ladies who answer the telephone are exceptionally nice and professional. They made my request very easy. Thanks!  -Ann Bassham

Thanks so much for taking care of our Heating and Air-Conditioning systems. We love the planned maintenance service, we don't have to…”  -Sylvia Freeman, Soddy-Daisy

Very impressed with workmanship and work ethics of your employess. They did a great job!! Honest, dependable, friendly--hard to find these days!  -Southerland, Dunlap

I found Rheaco to be very professional and very hard working. They were here when they said they would be and very courteous…”  -B. Sale, Chattanooga, TN
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