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Humidity ??



If you live in the South, then you know humidity is a big deal. Indoor humidity in house should be between 30-50% for optimum comfort. When humidity gets into the 60-70% range, it starts to get uncomfortable.

Humidity Effects

Everything feels wet / sticky – even the air.

Your hair will get frizzy.

You feel itchy

People experience sleep problems. Bedding has a damp feeling

Mold spores start to grow and multiply.

Wood swells – – doors and cabinets stick.

Rust and other oxidization can occur and tends to speed up in higher humidity.

Sometimes it can even make you feel depressed.


Sources of Humidity 

* Improperly clothes dryer exhaust

* Long Shower times without ventilation

* Cooking without ventilation

* Too many house plants

* Basement, Window and Roof Areas Leaks

* Excessively damp crawl spaces

* HVAC lack of maintenance

* Infiltration of outdoor air

Natural Ways To Deal With Humidity

There are many ways to deal with humidity naturally.

Here are some ideas:


1. Seal unwanted leaks where outdoor air may enter the home.


2. Check for leaking pipes – Fix any leaks so there is no moisture coming in that way.


3. Cover exposed soil in house plants as well as in the crawl space.


4. Air conditioning – Set your AC to “dry setting” (if available) to remove moisture.


5. Fans – Fans will help move the air and help with evaporation.


6. Replace Furnace/AC filters – If it’s clogged, it will slow down air flow.


7. Take shorter showers – Long showers produce excess steam which increases humidity. Run exhaust fan while showering.


8. Line dry clothes outdoors – Dryers, even those vented outside, can produce excess moisture in the home.


9. Your HVAC equipment – need to be maintained. A dirty or blocked condenser coil will prevent your HVAC unit from removing water from the air.


10. Keeping the unit clean and operating efficiently will promote comfortable living year round.


11. Sometime prevention isn’t enough. You may need a dedicated Whole House Dehumidifier.





Have a blessed day




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